Conflicting version of babel-polyfill in widget.js when added to a page that already has the polyfill

AntonV 6 years ago updated by DannyMccoy 6 years ago 3

Per the babel team:

If you need a standalone library you should be using babel-runtime via transform-runtime, or if you don't want to do that, you should make it a requirement that uses of your library load a polyfill first, and your code should assume it is there.

The current widget fails to load on our site because we already use babel-polyfill.  This causes your version of babel-polyfill to throw an exception.

Repro Steps:

Include the chat widget (for example the one that comes from UE) onto a page that has babel-polyfill already loaded.  Observe exception.


We have fixed issue.

Open https://cdn.getinchat.com/assets/widget.js in browser and press CTRL+R to be sure that you have latest version of widget code.